Astan Quds Razavi – Involved In

The IRGC’s Control of Iran’s Oil Industry

In the upcoming budget bill for Iran in the next year, the General Staff of the Armed Forces has been granted permission to sell crude oil and gas condensate, ...
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Where Is Khamenei’s Last Will and Testament?

After the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the beginning of his rule, Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic, twice announced that he had written his last will and testament. ...
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The Corruption and Plunder of Endowments in Iran

Introduction: Endowments, known as “waqf” in Islamic tradition, have a noble purpose rooted in making private property available for public benefit, aiming to alleviate societal poverty. However, the transformation
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No Accountability As Khamenei’s Ayatollahs Steal Millions

They preach on Fridays telling Iranians to tolerate economic hardship but Khamenei's ayatollahs enjoy immunity for corruption as his regional representatives. Revelations about numerous cases of economic corruption
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Iran’s Regime Covers Budget Deficit Through Taxation, Smuggling

At the beginning of this Persian calendar on March 21, the regime ruling Iran increased tax revenues by 47 percent to compensate for it budget deficit. This measure has ...
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ifmat - Trends in IRGC appointments and centers of influence

Iran Government Plans To Give Oil To Armed Forces To Sell

Following an eventful row between Iran’s parliament and administration, the budget bill is finally getting the approval of lawmakers, but there is a catch about the country’s oil exports. ...
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