Atomic Energy Organizations of Iran (AEOI)

Medium Alert – Entity sanctioned in the past for Terror or Illicit activities / WMD related / Human rights violations.


Company Status:

Tehran, Iran

Person of Interests:
Ali Akbar Salehi;
Mohammad Qannadi;
Dawood Agha-Jani;
Morteza Behzad


Reason for the color:
»AEOI owned the companies Iran used for secret centrifuge research;
»Removed from the List of Specially Designated, by the Office of Foreign Assets Control on Implementation Day under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, January 19 2016;
»Removed from the U.N. list in January 2016 by U.N. Security Council resolution 2231;
»Listed in an annex to U.N. Security Council resolution 1737 of December 23, 2006, as an entity involved in Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities;
»Added on July 12, 2007 to the U.S. “Entity List” of end users whose activities impose “a risk of diverting exported and re-exported items into programs related to weapons of mass destruction,”;

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