Defense Technology and Science Research Center (DTSRC) – Involved In

Ayatollah regime is the Nazi regime

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan and his delegation wore yellow Stars of David at the UN Security Council meeting on Monday bearing the message "Never Again." The ...
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Latest Company Involved In Iran’s Drone Program Revealed

Iran International has obtained information about an IRGC-affiliated company active in supplying drones and missiles for Russia and Lebanese group Hezbollah. An Iranian hacktivist group, called 'Lab-Dookhtegan
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ifmat - Iran uses Russian war on Ukraine to modernize develop own UAV program

Iran uses Russian war on Ukraine to modernize, develop own UAV program

The Iranian UAV program is on a spree of further expanding cooperation with Russia. Moscow’s demand for cheap and user-friendly drones leads the Kremlin to try to both increase ...
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ifmat - Russia and China will support Iran, manufacturing airplanes

Newly unsealed indictments allege Iran’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction

The U.S. government unsealed two previously secret indictments this week against people that it says aided Iran’s pursuit of weapons of mass destruction by exporting nuclear, ballistic missile and ...
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Iran weapon tech smuggling rings indicted

The defendants, all fugitives at large, used their companies the Iran-based Aran Modern Devices Kish Company, and UAE-based Modern Technologies for the conspiracy.
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ifmat - US targets network supporting Irans drone and weapons programs

US targets network supporting Iran’s drone and weapons programs

The United States on Tuesday imposed sanctions on four entities and three people in Iran and Turkey, accusing them of involvement in the procurement of equipment, including European-origin engines ...
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