Elaf Islamic Bank – Involved In

ifmat - OFAC fines Romanian Bank - US Parent for Syria and Iran sanctions violations

14 sanctioned Iraqi banks engaged in fraudulent transactions that Iran could benefit

The US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have barred 14 Iraqi banks from conducting transactions in US dollars as part of a “sweeping crackdown” ...
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ifmat - High-level Iraqi delegation in Iran to discuss trade and bilateral ties_compressed

Iran is exploiting Iraq’s construction sector

Iranian companies, engineers, and builders flourish as Iraq is in a seemingly perpetual state of reconstruction that requires heavy industry and related services. Iraqi oligarchs, banks, and companies with ...
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ifmat - Iran Exploitation of the Central Bank of Iraq and Banking Sector

Iran’s Exploitation of the Central Bank of Iraq and Banking Sector

Through powerful Iraqi Shi'a militias, political allies, and a web of business networks, Iran has long utilized the Iraqi banking sector as a main artery for its economic activity ...
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ifmat - Iraq allegedly helping Iran skirt US sanctions

Iraq is helping Iran skirt U.S. sanctions

Leaked documents have indicated that Iraq may be helping Iran defy US sanctions, according to a report released by the Saudi news outlet Al-Arabiya presented by the Middle East ...
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