Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order (EIKO) – Involved In

Who is Mohammad Mokhber

Iran's first Vice President Mohammad Mokhber was appointed acting president of the Islamic Republic on Monday after the death of President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash. Mokhber, 68, ...
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ifmat - Economic warfare on Iran

Economic warfare on Iran – Is there a financial economic solution in the confrontation with Iran?

Most of the measures were announced in the past, yet were not executed due the differences in the political and commercial interests of different countries involved.
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Is the Islamic Republic Committing a Silent Genocide Against the Baha’is?

A day hardly passes in Iran without the Islamic Republic subjecting Baha'i citizens to persecution and harassment. Or is there any such day? For 44 years, Iranian Baha’is, the ...
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Khamenei Appoints IRGC Member To Head Economic Conglomerate

Iran's Supreme Leader has appointed a heavily sanctioned ex-IRGC member to head the Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order (EIKO), a vast economic conglomerate under his personal control. Parviz Fattah ...
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ifmat - Bonyad Taavon Sepah - Operational Scheme

A deep dive Into Iranian Bonyads and how they work

For decades, Iran’s post-revolutionary governments have perpetuated a culture of opacity in political and economic dealings. This culture was exacerbated by Iran’s new ruling elites 1, who in their ...
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Iran hardliners circulating list of ‘U.S. Concessions’

Some details about alleged US sanctions concessions to Iran in case of a nuclear deal is circulating among hardliners in Tehran, obtained by Iran International.
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