Mohammad Jafar Montazeri – Involved In

Who are Iran’s morality police?

Until recently, most people outside of Iran had never heard of the country’s morality police, let alone followed their wider role in the region. But on Sept. 16, 2022, ...
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ifmat - Iran appoints Western-sanctioned prosecutor general to head top court

Iran appoints Western-sanctioned prosecutor general to head top court

Iran on Sunday appointed Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, who is under US and British sanctions, to head the Islamic Republic’s top court.
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ifmat - Mahsa Amini hijab protests Iran has never seen a movement like this

U.S. issues new sanctions on Iran after execution of 2 protesters

The Treasury Department on Wednesday announced new sanctions targeting Iranian officials, after two protesters were executed — one publicly — in recent weeks.
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ifmat - IRGC Main Player in Iran Amini Protests

IRGC Main Player in Iran’s Amini Protests

The protests across the Islamic Republic are going beyond those of 2019 and 2009. They are certainly rocking the Islamic republic
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ifmat - US Warns Iran Over Death Sentences For Protesters

Morality Police confusion

Reports circulated this week that Iran's "morality police" would be dismantled following some confusing comments to that effect by a senior Iranian official.
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ifmat - UK announces sanctions against Iran morality police

Iran’s state media denies abolition of ‘morality police’

Some Western media outlets are facing backlash from Iranian activists over headlines printed Sunday saying that Iran was abolishing its “morality police.”
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