Amnesty express concerns for Iranian Activist Health

Amnesty International on June 2nd issued an urgent action statement expressing concerns over the deteriorating health conditions of Mohammad Maeki, the first Tehran University dean after the 1979 revolution, and him being prevented from traveling abroad for medical care and to see his children.

Amnesty says:

“Dr Mohammad Maleki, a prominent 84-year old human rights defender, has been subjected to a travel ban by the Iranian authorities since 10 September 2011. He has a history of heart disease, diabetes, and prostate cancer…

“He has repeatedly tried to get his travel ban lifted so that he can visit his children who live in the Netherlands and Canada one last time as he fears he will soon be too ill to travel…

“Dr Mohammad Maleki was placed on a travel ban in reprisal for his human rights activities including a letter he wrote to the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran in September 2011, detailing the torture to which he was subjected during his various periods of imprisonment between 1981 and 2009.”

Source » ncr-iran

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