Iran regime’s cyber espionage operations against Saad Hariri

The French daily Figaro reported that the Iranian regime is launching a major cyber-espionage operation against Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and several other government officials to help Hezbollah in the upcoming elections in Lebanon.

“The Iranian regime is planning to influence Lebanon’s 2018 elections and expand its influence in the Middle East through widespread cyber hacking operations… Western intelligence services have concluded that hackers of the so-called Oil Rig cyber-attack operations are funded by Iran’s Ministry of Defense,” Figaro wrote.

“At the same time as the recent crisis caused by the unexpected resignation of Saad Hariri…, a group of Iranian (regime) hackers… attacked the servers of the offices of Lebanese prime minister, the president and the ministry of justice, as well as foreign affairs, the army and several Lebanese banks,” Figaro added quoting a Western intelligence service.

“In fact, Iranian regime hackers… have been hacking Lebanon’s servers for six months,” said a Western intelligence source. “They have specifically accessed the accounts of Saad Hariri and Michel Aoun. With the election approaching, their goal is clear: They want to put Hezbollah in a better position by gaining information about its rivals…. These cyber-attacks are coordinated and have taken place at strategic level.”

“Iran’s hackers (in the past) also tried to enter several US government servers to get secret information about the Obama administration’s positions during the nuclear talks… and also Washington’s possible sanctions,” Figaro added.

Source » ncr-iran

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