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Iran hangs 2 women as surge in executions intensifies

Iran hanged at least seven people Saturday, including two women, while a member of its Jewish minority is at imminent risk of execution as the Islamic Republic further intensified ...
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5 Kurdish People, Including Teen, Sentenced to Prison in Iran

The Iranian judicial system has sentenced five Kurdish individuals to varying terms of imprisonment, according to a report by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights. Among those sentenced is ...
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Kurdish political prisoner returned to Orumiyeh Central Prison

Kurdish political prisoner Hatem Ozdemir, who was transferred on 23 June from Orumiyeh Central Prison to the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in Khoy, West Azerbaijan province, was returned ...
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Ministry of Intelligence increases pressure on Kurdish political prisoner

Kurdish political prisoner Nayeb Askari, who is on death row, was transferred from the political ward of Orumiyeh Central Prison to ward 3 of the prison on the orders ...
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ifmat - Iranian regime will not survive if Lake Urmia Disappears

Iranian regime will not survive if Lake Urmia Disappears

A former vice president and head of the environment department says the fate of the Iranian regime is contingent on saving the country's largest lake that has shrunk by ...
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ifmat - Several arrested in latest round of Pensioners Protests

Several arrested in latest round of Pensioners’ Protests

Several people have been arrested during the latest round of nationwide demonstrations by Iranian retirees who are protesting against the government’s meager pension increase.
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