1000 mostly young protesters arrested

In fear of overthrow and desperate of confronting the popular nationwide uprising, the clerical regime has started blind arrests and so far detained at least 1,000 in the first four days of the uprising.

Deputy governor of Tehran province, Ali Asghar Naserbakht, said on Sunday that some 200 people arrested on December 30, the third day of the uprising in the area between “Enqelab Square and Mosadeq Square” in Tehran.

Ali Azadeh, governor of Markazi province, said in an interview on December 31 that on December 30 “we arrested more than 100… in Arak, and we think that in the next few days we will identify and arrest more of the attackers with the information we have obtained.”

“50 to 60 people have been arrested in Kashan’s illegal gatherings,” State-run Mehr News Agency quoted the Kashan prosecutor who added “any illegal gathering and insurgents will be dealt with seriously. The law enforcement officers will deal with any unauthorized gathering violently and legally.”

According to Tasnim News Agency, affiliated to the terrorist Quds Force, Alireza Radfar, Political and Security Deputy Governor of the West Azerbaijan Province, announced the arrest of 10 people.

According to State-run news agency ILNA , Col. Abdullah Zadeh Pashaki, police chief of city of Robat Karim, 11 people were arrested last night.

Habibollah Khojastehpour, political-security deputy in the provincial governorate of Lorestan, said in Noorabad, Dorood and in the capital of the province “a number of violators have been arrested by security forces.”

The arrest of more than 100 protesters on the first day of the uprising in Mashhad and the arrest of over 70 people in Jahrom in an attack on their homes at dawn on Dec. 31 are among other published reports on widespread arrests in recent days.

The mullahs’ dictatorship plans to force some of the detainees to participate in television shows. Kazem Anbarlouy, the editor of the Resalat daily and from the Khamenei’s faction, wrote in an article: “The judicial and security officials … should bring a number of those arrested to the TV and disclose their social and economic base to the people.”

Iranian Resistance calls on the United States, the European Union, the Security Council, and international human rights authorities not to stay idle before the brutal suppression of defenseless demonstrators, and confront this trend of killings and suppression with effective practical measures.

Source » ncr-iran

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