Britain is suffering from Iran regime’s terrorism

Speaking at the ‘Arab Strategy Forum’ in Dubai, former British Prime Minister David Cameron and former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta looked at the world’s political status in 2017 while expressing concerns about terrorism.

On the Iranian regime, former British PM David Cameron said that “I understand that the Iranian regime’s policies have been the source of concern in the region and Britain is suffering so much from terrorism, including the one sponsored by the Iranian regime. We are not naive, we take matters seriously and we know that the nuclear deal is a difficult issue and that the deal has not been an ideal one.”

Leon Panetta said that “terrorism is at the top of our concerns and the world has been suffering from this phenomenon since September 11, 2001. The second threat is from Iran.”

“In addition to the nuclear deal with Iran, which needs to be implemented to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons, the Iranian regime should also be told that they cannot support terrorists in the region.” Said Panetta. He added that Iranian regime should stop supporting Hezbollah and intervention in Syria and maintained that Iran cannot support instability in the region.

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