Parents of fallen protester Kaveh Veisani, are under pressure to make televised “confessions”, letters to Iran HRM from Iran say.

The family, who live in Sanandaj, west Iran, have been told to say that their son was killed by Kurd opposition groups.

Kaveh Veisani, 30, was arrested on November 16, 2019, during the nationwide protests in Sanandaj, capital of the Kurdistan Province in western Iran.

His tortured body was found on the outskirts of the city two weeks later.
Kaveh Veisani had a daughter and his wife is expecting a child.

Several accounts from prisons across the country have shed light on the brutal use of torture against detained protesters by the regime including the sexual abuse of minors.

Conditions in prisons such as Fashfouyeh, Evin, and Raja’i Shahr are reported as critical.

The detainees are being pressured to say they received money from the opposition groups namely the PMOI to set fire to banks, or that the PMOI ordered them to fire on innocent protesters.

Reports indicate that some of the prisoners have already died under torture and others have been forcefully “disappeared” by the regime.

There are many young students under 13 years of age among the prisoners.

Some prisoners are said to have lost more than 20 kg during the past few weeks due to torture. Torture scars can be seen on their bodies.

A few persons freed under excessive bail also have torture scars and they have been threatened with heavy sentences if they say a word about what they saw in the prisons.

At least 1,500 Iranians were killed and 12,000 were detained during and after nationwide protests that erupted over increased gasoline prices in November.

The massacre of protesters, torture and killing of prisoners are examples of crimes against humanity and the international community should act to stop such atrocities.

Source » iran-hrm