A US Pentagon official told Kurdistan24 on Monday that two attacks were carried out on US bases in Syria, with one of them causing minor damage.

“Today, there have been two attacks. Multiple rockets were launched at US and Coalition forces at Mission Support Site Euphrates, Syria (Cocono gas field). No casualties and minor damage to infrastructure,” the official said.

“Also, a one-way attack drone was launched at US and Coalition forces at Patrol Base Shaddadi, Syria. No injuries and no damage to infrastructure,” the official added.

The Iran-backed Islamic Resistance of Iraq group claimed responsibility for Monday’s missile attack on the Cocono gas field in Deir ez-Zor and a drone attack on the Shaddadi base.

Since Oct. 17, there have been at least 115 attacks on U.S. and Coalition forces, the Pentagon official added. “51 separate times in Iraq and 64 separate times in Syria.”

Iran-backed groups in Iraq have asserted responsibility for the attacks, attributing them to retaliation for US backing of Israel in the ongoing Gaza conflict, which has been ongoing since October.

Nevertheless, the Pentagon interprets the primary objective of the Iran-backed groups is to expel the US from both Syria and Iraq.

Nicholas A. Heras, the Senior Director for Strategy and Programs at New Lines Institute, told Kurdistan24 that “US military forces in Syria are far more vulnerable than those in Iraq because the US presence in Syria is forward deployed in vulnerable bases, whereas in Iraq the US forces are concentrated in more defensible bases.”

“It is comparatively easier for Iran-backed groups in Iraq to work with Assad-backed forces in Syria to target US military personnel, although in Syria the US has demonstrated that it is willing to commit significant airstrikes against forces that attack US personnel.”

Source » kurdistan24