After forty years, the Islamic regime in Iran has not acted as normal regime and the mullahs ruling Iran have always been against people and have used everything in their power to restrict people.

They have always treated dissenters with utmost brutality, maybe there are still some who are not aware that allegiance to any party other than the regime’s main party is forbidden and the only people who can enter the politics arena are those who follow the regime slavishly.

The interesting point is that the way of life of the ordinary Iranians is directly under the influence of the regime, so much so that anyone who is closely affiliated to the regime has a much higher quality of life and this has resulted in a multi polar society.

The Islamic regime interferes in the details of people’s personal life, if someone wants to create jobs through his or her personal financial contribution, the regime prevents them, unless they cooperate with regime’s security apparatus.

The religious policies of the Islamic regime in the last forty years has turned Iran into a prison. The regime officials have total monopoly on country’s resources and have kept people poor and needy and turned Iran into a pariah and crush dissent with brutal force.

Based on the latest command of Ali Khamenei the self-declared leader of the Islamic Republic Of Iran, the forces affiliated to him in any position have the right to shoot and kill people; obviously any regime that guarantees its rule through the use of brutal force is in a precarious situation and is not popular, nonetheless, those who are closely linked to the regime will do anything to support the regime, despite the fact that they are well aware that any positive change in Iran depends on regime change.

The regime officials and their henchmen accentuate the problems that have been caused by them self whenever there is talk of regime change.

The violence in the Middle East, from Iraq to Lebanon to Syria and other regions is caused by the Islamic regime in Iran.

Today, the world faces a grave threat, and the threat is the Islamic regime in Iran, the danger posed by this regime is clear to everyone and appeasement of this regime will have irrevocable dire consequences.

The best policy is to help the Iranian people for the European countries is to stop supporting the regime. The Iranian people have rejected the regime, they have found their path through a normal government and they have stood against the regime and paid the price.

Without the Islamic regime, the region will find its stability and Iran’s neighbors and European economies will grow.

During its rule, the Islamic regime in Iran has never been able to gain trust among countries and so far, they have no official allies save for a few bankrupt regimes such as Venezuela and North Korea.

If the Islamic regime falls in Iran, the Iranians immigration wave to Europe will definitely decrease and the Iranian economy will grow, which in turn creates opportunities for foreign investment.

Clearly an Iran without the Islamic regime is of benefit to the world, because a peaceful, normal nation-state will return to the global community.

Source » thefreeiranian