Iranian officials admit killing Iranian protesters

Iranian state television confirmed killing Iranian protesters today, January 2, 2018, and said that six were killed during last night’s unrest in Qahdarijan, Isfahan.

A Video clip circulated on social media, shows the last night clashes in the city. Iran’s Security Force is firing tear gas and the sound of gunshot is clearly heard. An 11-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man were among those killed in Isfahan.

Earlier The Iranian officials have admitted killing Iranian protesters in other cities during the nationwide uprising.

According to the state-run Jahan News website the representative of Izeh and Baghe Malek in the Majlis said yesterday that two people were killed in this town. “The people of Izeh city, like some other cities in Iran, gathered in protest over the economic problems, which unfortunately led to the deaths of two people and the wounding of others in the city”, Hedayatullah Khademi said.

Remarking on killing peaceful protesters in Lorestan, the city’s Representative said on December 31, that there was no way except for the police to deal with and shoot those who broke the norms and came to the streets last night, according to the state-run Khaneye Melat website.

“Two people were killed last night in Lorestan Province. There is a time when protests are in the framework of the law… But when they (protesters) break the norms and vandalize public property, it is natural that it has to be dealt with,” Hamidreza Kazemi, a member of the Lorestan delegation said.

In response to the question on whether it’s natural in his opinion for (police) to open fire, he said, “yes, if someone comes to the streets now and breaks the norms, what would you do to him?”

At least 20 demonstrators were killed by repressive forces amid ongoing nationwide protests that began last week in various cities across Iran. According to the video clips circulated on the internet, actual figures are definitely higher.

Source » iran-hrm

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