EU must stop being silent about behavior of Iranian authorities

While a large part of the world enjoyed a tranquil period between Christmas and New Year celebrations, there have been nationwide protests in Iran in which more than two dozen people have lost their life.

The protest that was triggered by dissatisfaction with the rise in prices and corruption by the authorities soon turned into a political demonstration calling for regime change.

There were thousands of Iranians calling for downfall of dictator, release of political prisoners and freedom. Protests and all sorts of conflicts continue to take place across the country. Several hundred of them have taken place during the past few days. However, these actions sparked inappropriate interference by Iranian authorities, during which there were several deaths in addition to many injuries.

According to the Iranian exile organization People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, more than a thousand protesters have been arrested.

The regime tries to “silence” the protesters. They block phone lines as well as access to internet messaging platforms.

“I condemn all the violence that the Iranian authorities have committed in recent days against civilians expressing dissatisfaction with the regime,” said Pavel Telička, Vice-President of the European Parliament, who has recently taking responsibility for human rights issues.

“The demands that people call for protest are understandable. I have long pointed out that there are violations of basic human rights in Iran, executions are common. People live under a backward and repressive regime, the prisons are full of political prisoners. That’s something we should not be indifferent to, “he added.

Iranian opposition was supported in the European Parliament by Belgian deputy Gérard Deprez.

In his statement, which was also supported by Pavel Telicka, he encouraged the citizens of Iran to fight for a better future.

“My colleagues and I in the European Parliament have long been promoting a free, secular Iran, and we are very sympathetic to the democratic Iranian opposition led by Maryam Rajavi, who was guest speaker at the Brussels conference on December 6,” he said.

The conference was held by Friends of a Free Iran, and it was meant to show the Iranian people that there are voices striving to uphold human rights in their country.

Telicka also attended and pointed out during his speech that “Recently, it seems as if we were too mild with our principles. We are also compromising where we should not do, “he said.

“We must be tougher in respecting the fundamental human rights of the countries with which we enter into bilateral agreements. ”

After the conference, he discussed the situation in Iran with Mrs. Rajavi and personally during a bilateral meeting. Again. In recent days, he expressed his support for the Iranian people on Twitter.

“Iran needs the support of the European Union, but it must be sharply considered because of the inappropriate acts of the Iranian regime against its citizens.”

“Protesters must hear our support.” Telicka adds: “Federico Mogherini, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, has not yet officially spoken about the situation. European voice in Iran is not heard. The Czech Republic is also silent. By this silence we only encourage the Iranian authorities in their activities. Protests are not over yet. ”

Source » ncr-iran

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