Britain’s National Cyber Security Center Warns Over Iran’s Cyber Attacks

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center has announced that the country’s most important websites are continuously being attacked by Iran and some other countries.

Standing up in October 2016 to combat against cyber crimes, Britain’s National Cyber Security Center has reported 58 cyber attacks in its first month of operation.

UK Ministry of Defense, major banks and nuclear sites, security services and vital infrastructures are among the main targets of these attacks. After discovering the attacks, these centers are now on the highest cyber alert level.

According to Britain’s Sun newspaper, cyber experts say that the country’s vital infrastructures are attacked twice a day, with which cyber security experts are trying to counter.

Concerning the increased cases of cyber crimes and cyber attacks, the British government has put aside 1.9 billion pounds to counter cyber threats.

Also late last year, Saudi Central Bank was attacked by an Iranian malware. Bloomberg has cited its own sources that Saudi Central Bank was targeted by a malware called ‘Shamoon’, supposed to be developed by Iran.

Shamoon was also previously reported to have attacked a number of institutions in Saudi Arabia. Also US Defense Department warned over the malware’s threats.

Along the same lines, FBI officials published photos of a number of Iranian hackers last year, prosecuting them for being accused of attacking 26 financial institutes as well as a dam in the United States. One of the hackers referred to as ‘Hamid Firouzi’, had reportedly infiltrated the maintenance system of Bowman Avenue Dam, 20 miles from New York, with the possibility to destroy the dam by changing its water level.

Source: / ncr – iran /

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