Iranians continue protests – at least five rallies and strikes during two days

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The Iranian people began 2021 with protests and rallies for their inherent rights, of which they have been deprived by the theocratic regime. In this respect, Iranian citizens held at least two rallies in different cities to express their ire against officials’ plundering and profiteering policies.

While the mullahs squander national resources on aggressive and oppressive measures, Iranians once again came onto the streets to force the regime to recognize their fundamental rights. On January 1, people from different classes showed they cannot tolerate the regime’s mismanagement and see protests as the sole means to achieve their basic rights.

Orchardists’ Rally in Isfahan

Isfahan province—on January 1, orchardists of eastern Isfahan held a rally in front of members of the Parliament (Majlis)’s bureaus, protesting the regime’s executive order for destroying garden sheds. Recently, the regime has planned to destroy more than 2,500 villas and garden houses.

Farmers and orchardists have built these places at their own properties due to their necessities. However, officials claim that they are illegal and must be destroyed. This is while the regime has yet to resolve farmers’ and orchardists’ water shortage problems and has responded to their peaceful protests violently.

Meanwhile, last week, farmers and orchardists held their rallies in front of Isfahan Provincial Governorate. Officials’ indifference to their plight led the farmers to gather in front of MPs’ bureaus once again.

Locals Protest Reopening of Ski Slope

Tehran province—a group of local people in Darbandsar and Shemshak districts held a rally, protesting the reopening of a ski slope in this region. They gathered in front of Shemshak and Darbandsar City Council to complain of officials’ recent decision in this context. Notably, this ski slope has been reopened while health professionals constantly warn about coronavirus risks and forecast another pandemic peak.

Shemshaki, a member of the City Council, was indifferent to protesters’ demands. “You should have made an appointment before,” he said as he left the City Council Building. His behavior fueled protesters’ ire.

Even though the number of coronavirus victims has reached around 200,000—according to the opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), Iranian officials put the lives and health of citizens at risk through their profiteering decisions. On the other hand, they still refuse to procure credible Covid-19 vaccines and refer the people to a fictional domestic vaccine. At the best estimations, Iranian companies cannot produce reliable Covid-19 vaccines before late June or early July.

Furthermore, we obtained new reports about Iranians’ protests on December 31:

Locals Protest Cut Off of Water and Electricity

Kerman province—“For five days, residents of Terminal Jadid and 14 Massoum towns have no water or electricity,” some sources reported. In this respect, following the officials’ lack of attention, residents blocked the main road and did not let automobiles commute.

Rally of Kousar Hospital Nurses

Fars province—in Shiraz, the provincial capital, nurses of Kousar hospital held a rally demanding their overdue wages. In recent weeks, nurses and medical staff time and again protested officials for their basic rights, including delayed salaries, arrears, job security, and an end to discrimination.

Despite the invaluable efforts of these selfless people, who are called ‘angels’ by the people, the regime systematically denies their rights and occasionally uses violence to break up their peaceful rallies.

Contract Teachers’ Protests

Kerman province—a group of contract teachers in Rigan County held a rally, protesting officials for dismissing their colleagues. They blamed officials for systematic discrimination and injustice at the local education department.

They had gathered in front of the local governorate and demanded officials respect their basic rights. During their rally, teachers raised placards, reading, “Justice, justice, remove discrimination between forces,” and “We want to return to the schools.”

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