Iranians continue protests – at Least Four Strikes and Rallies on January 2

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On January 2, the fed-up people of Iran continued their protests against the regime’s plundering and profiteering policies, which imposed more poverty and misery on society. In this respect, Iranians from different walks of life held at least four rallies and strikes in different cities across the country.

As the regime denies recognizing the people’s basic rights, citizens see no way but to raise their voices against autocrats. In such circumstances, nurses and medical staff endure additional pressure due to their job conditions and officials’ failure to pay their meager salaries and arrears.

Furthermore, Iranian not only show no mercy to citizens but also intended to eliminate the country’s natural assets to fill their pockets. In this respect, many citizens in various cities protested the regime for such anti-patriotic policies.

Rally of Contract Medical Staff

Fars province—in the province’s capital Shiraz, contract medical and health staff held a gathering in front of the Provincial Governorate. “We aid you during worsen conditions. However, you left us [when we are] at worsening conditions. We want our rights,” protesters have written on their placards.

Notably, the Health Ministry recruited many graduated students as health and medical staff to counter the coronavirus pandemic. However, it refused to register these personnel, who practically devoted their lives to fight the virus, officially. Currently, their interim contract has expired, and these selfless people have been left without support.

Environmental Activists Protest Cutting Trees

Khuzestan province—on Saturday, January 2, environmental activists staged a rally, protesting the cut off of around 2,000 trees in the Karkheh National Park. The government claims that it intended to build an embankment and flood dam.

Until now, the government has cut 2,000 trees. To complete the plan, officials intended to cut 3,000 more trees at Karkheh’s protected area. According to the plan, the regime cut 5,000 trees to build a sandy flood dam through the western Karkheh river’s sands.

Notably, using these sands leads to destroying natural mounds in this area, which accelerates quicksand’s movement. This plan is another instance of the mullahs’ disarray policies that merely rub salt on the people’s wounds.

Rally of Volunteer Nurses

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province—in the province’s capital Yasouj, contract nurses held a rally, protesting the provincial medical sciences university. During the coronavirus pandemic, the university hired many people under 87-day contracts. However, it now refuses to expand these contracts and leaves these selfless people unemployed.

In front of the Provincial Governorate, nurses gathered, blaming this unfair behavior. “Unemployment is not the result of sacrifice” and “We defeated the coronavirus, but we lost our jobs,” protesters have written on banners.

These dismissals take place while health professionals and even officials frequently announced that the country faces the lack of nursing forces. Even the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei recently admitted to the country’s dilemma in order to the shortage of health and medical staff.

Rally of Contract Teachers

Yazd province—in the province’s capital, contract teachers once again protested officials’ unkept promises. In their rally held in front of the Provincial Governorate, they demanded their inherent rights.

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