A joint statement by the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Bahrain and several other countries warned Iran-backed Houthis against attacking commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

“Let our message now be clear: we call for the immediate end of these illegal attacks and release of unlawfully detained vessels and crews,” the statement said.

Immediately after the White House issued the joint statement, the US Central Command posted the following excerpt on X. “The Houthis will bear the responsibility of the consequences should they continue to threaten lives, the global economy, and free flow of commerce in the region’s critical waterways.”

After Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called for a trade blockade with Israel in November, Tehran’s proxy allies, the Houthi movement in Yemen, started launching missiles and drones at vessels in international waters around the Red Sea.

The attacks escalated in recent weeks, leading 44 nations to form a naval coalition to ensure maritime security in the region.

However, the United States has chosen not to retaliate on Yemeni soil while defending against the Houthi attacks by intercepting incoming projectiles and deterring boats that pose threats to ships.

Wednesday’s joint statement appears to be a warning of impending retaliation if the attacks continue.

Source » iranintl