The family of prominent Iranian unionist and member of the syndicate of the workers of Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane complex, Ali Nejati say that he was in poor condition in prison and expressed concern over his overall health.

The family visited Ar. Nejati yesterday, one month after his arrest on November 29.
They said that he had become thin and pale and that he was being kept in a crowded part of Shush Prison in the southern province of Khuzestan despite suffering from a serious heart condition.

“He has become extremely thin and pale. He was harassed and abused during interrogations without any considerations for his old age and health and was transferred to the hospital as a result,” the family said.

Iranian labor activist Ali Nejati was taken to hospital on December 13, after “being harshly pressured under interrogation”, the the syndicate of the workers of Haft Tapeh Sugarcane Mill reported.

“Nejati is suffering from heart complication,” the syndicate reiterated on its Telegram channel, adding, “he is suffering from several illnesses, including heart problems, and keeping him behind bars might seriously endanger his life.”

Ali Nejati was arrested on Thursday, November 29 and his attorney, Farzaneh Zilabi, said that her client has been charged with “disrupting public order”, “collusion and assembly against national security” and “cooperation in establishing a group intended to disrupt peace and security.”

Reports at the time indicated that he was violently detained and beaten upon arrest despite suffering from a serious heart condition.

The Judiciary said that the Iranian labor activist was arrested in relation to his previous records but his lawyer said that the two new charges were brought against him.

The Iranian labor activist was also detained in 2015 for participating in protests by the Haft Tappeh sugarcane workers and was sentenced to prison.

Zilabi said that Judicial officials refused to implement the legal proceeding’s article 502 that allowed ailing prisoners to serve their prison term outside of prison or receive an alternative sentence.

Before this, Haft Tappeh labor activist Esmail Bakhshi, who was detained on November 19, was released from prison but new reports said that he was currently under house arrest and that his home was being monitored by the Revolutionary Guards Corps Intelligence Department.

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