The daughter of the infamous Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the founders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has recently spoken to the Mostaghel newspaper about the defeat of so-called moderate President Hassan Rouhani and the overall collapse of the Iranian Regime.

Indicating that the end of the Iranian Regime is on the horizon, Faezeh Hashemi said: “The collapse of legitimacy has already happened, and only a physical collapse has not happened, and chances are high that this happens.”

She then criticised Rouhani for his lack of action and his comprehensive defeat.

She said: “Mr Rouhani talks as if he isn’t the president. Parts of these [matters] are in the jurisdiction of the government. He talks as if he is the opposition. You should be able to act! Who are you criticizing?”

Of course, Rouhani, in reality, controls nothing. All of the decisions in Iran are made by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who is the dictator in disguise.

Hashemi then indicated that democracy in Iran is a sham, asking what is the point in voting or participating otherwise in the electoral process when those selected by the Regime to rule “don’t match with the vote”.

This is something that the Iranian Resistance has been warning about for a long while, with many pointing out that democracy in Iran is a façade to distract the West from the dictator pulling all the strings.

Her comments were widely republished by media outlets loyal to the so-called reformist faction of the Iranian regime, with many in the camp agreeing with her assessment that the Regime is on the brink of collapse.

Abdollah Momeni tweeted: “There is no doubt that the current political situation in the society is not normal and cannot continue. The moderation narrative is defeated. The government is practically shut down and, the JCPOA and foreign policy, its only achievements, are also defeated. This government won’t do anything to seriously change the situation of the people anymore or bring a meaningful change to politics in favour of democracy.”

While Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of Islamic Republic’s founder, Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, gave a speech, in which he said that the satisfaction of the people is the foundation of a society and that there is no guarantee that the Regime will remain given the obvious dissatisfaction of the people.

And former deputy of education in the ministry of intelligence and senior advisor to former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami, Mohammadreza Tajik, said the Iranian Regime is trapped in the last moments of the Titanic, noting that “every community, individual and institution is leaving its main and intrinsic functionality”.

University professor Hossein Ghazian, a former aide to Ali Akbar Hashemi and Mohammad Khatami, tried to distinguish between political collapse and sociological collapse, saying that the rage of the people is causing Iranian society is collapse sociologically, but that the government is still holding society together. Of course, what he doesn’t note is that the government is failing to hold society together or there would not be all of these protests.

These comments from Regime officials of the so-called moderate faction show that the reform project has reached its end; something that the Iranian people declared over a year ago when they took to the streets and chanted “Reformists, conservatives! The game is over!”. Since then, protests demanding regime change have become a way of life for the Iranian people across all sectors.

Source » ncr-iran