The Assadi File – A terrorist plot that could have caused a disaster

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The trial of an Iranian diplomat charged with plotting a bomb attack in France started on Nov. 27 in Belgium.

Assadollah Assadi was the operational commander of the foiled terrorist plot.

He targeted the 2018 Free-Iran annual gathering of the Iranian opposition in Villepinte, north of Paris.

The undeniable evidence in the case points the finger to the role of the highest Iranian officials in the plot.

Assadi was also an agent of the Iranian secret service.

He was accredited as the third counselor at Iran’s embassy in Vienna.

He worked under the diplomatic cover as the MOIS chief in Europe.

On June 28, Assadi personally delivered a bomb loaded with 500 gr. TATP explosives to two other terrorists.

The two terrorists were arrested by the Belgian Security service on their way to Villepinte.

Another terrorist was arrested in Villepinte by the French police.

The 4 terrorists are trialed in Belgium on the charge of “attempted terrorist murder” & “participation in the activities of a terrorist organization.”

The Belgian prosecutor concluded that the plot was not a personal initiative and motivated by the Iranian regime.

In the indictment, Belgian prosecutors demanded a 20-year prison sentence for Assadi.

Source » iranfreedom

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