2 prisoners tortured to death

Kurdish human rights activists reported that on January 1st, Abdul Rahman Narui 30-year-old prisoner, who had been charged with drug crimes in Birjand Central Prison 9 years ago, was transferred to solitary confinement. Ahmed Ansari, Head of the Special Prison Guards, hit this political prisoner in the head and chest with an electric shooter to in front several other prisoners. Abdul Rahman Narui fainted and after transferring the prisoner to a health center it became clear that he had died.
In another development according to reports, a Sunni inmate in Rajaie Shahr Prison of Karaj was killed by agents of the Supreme Leader. Sunni prisoner, Hamza Darvish, 23, was shot dead in Rajaie Shahr Prison in Karaj. Intelligent interrogators provoked their prison agents to set a violent attack on Sunni captives. This attack lead to the death of Hamza Darvish and injury of others.

Source » iran-hrm

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