Canada has imposed another round of sanctions, punishing three Iranian entities and two leaders Ottawa blames for propagating misinformation.

The new sanctions include a censorship body known as the Press Supervisory Board and a propaganda publication called the Iran Newspaper.

Also sanctioned is the 15 Khordad Foundation, a group originally founded to financially support the families of war dead, but which ended up laundering money and offering a bounty for the death of writer Salman Rushdie.

Individuals sanctioned include Vahid Yaminpour, a senior bureaucrat who helps run a state broadcaster that carries the regime’s talking points.

Mohsen Qomi, a cleric Ottawa describes as a “senior regime insider” who advises on Iran’s foreign policy and communications abroad, is also on the list.

The sanctions come a day after the world marked three years since Iran’s military shot down Flight PS752, killing all on board, including dozens of Canadians.

Source » reuters