US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan issues a sharp condemnation of Iran.

Sullivan slams Iran’s attempt to impose sanctions on dozens of Americans yesterday, “as Iran’s proxy militias continue to attack American troops in the Middle East, and as Iranian officials threaten to carry out terror operations inside the United States and elsewhere around the world.”

“Make no mistake: the United States of America will protect and defend its citizens,” Sullivan adds. “This includes those serving the United States now and those who formerly served. As Americans, we have our disagreements on politics. We have our disagreements on Iran policy. But we are united in our resolve against threats and provocations. We are united in the defense of our people.”

Sullivan specifically notes that the US will “work with our allies and partners to deter and respond to any attacks carried out by Iran. Should Iran attack any of our nationals, including any of the 52 people named yesterday, it will face severe consequences.”

Sullivan visited Israel at the end of December and met with senior Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

Source » timesofisrael