Kurdish political prisoners at risk of imminent executions

Reports indicate that Kurdish political prisoners Loqman and Zaniar Moradi are at risk of imminent executions. According to reliable sources close to the family of the two, they are scheduled to be executed on Saturday, 13, 2018.

Loqman and Zaniar Moradi were arrested in 2009 in Marivan, Iranian Kurdistan and were sentenced to death by Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

They have been convicted of “enmity against God” and “corruption on earth” for allegedly murdering the son of a senior cleric in Marivan, Iranian Kurdistan, north-eastern Iran, on 4 July 2009.

They were held by the Ministry of Intelligence for the first nine months of their detention, when no charges of murder were brought against them. Reports indicate that in that period of time, they were tortured.

They were moved several times between detention facilities and, at or around the beginning of December 2010, were finally transferred to Section 4 of Raja’i Shahr Prison in Karaj where they endured nine years on death row.

Loghman and Zaniar Moradi then wrote a letter in which they stated that during their interrogation session by the Ministry of Intelligence they were forced to “confess” to the allegations of murder after being tortured for a period of 25 days and threatened with rape.

Rising concern over the planned executions of Zaniar and Loqman, their uncle, Mr. Eghbal Moradi calls on all international human rights organisations and freethinkers not to be indifferent towards the fate of the political prisoners, particularly Zaniar and Loqman.

Source » iran-hrm

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