Achievements of the Iran protests so far

After at least 50 deaths and over 4,000 arrests, the Iranian Regime has yet again declared the nationwide anti-regime protests to be over and done with. That is simply untrue.

Many citizen-journalists have risked violence from the Regime in order to post photos and footage about ongoing protests, and although the protests don’t appear to be growing in numbers or frequency at the current time, that doesn’t mean that this is over. Not by a long shot.

The protests have already done a great deal to dispel many myths about the Regime and the people of Iran that are held in the West. Let’s run through a few of them.

1) The Iranian People are not rallying behind the Regime in response to the US’s tough rhetoric.

Some media outlets falsely reported that the Iranian people are supporting the Regime as Trump gets tougher on the mullahs, but the ordinary Iranians detest the corrupt and repressive regime.

Sohrab Ahmari wrote: “The average Iranian doesn’t wake up in the morning cursing Donald Trump for trying to undo the nuclear deal. More likely, he curses the fact that he can’t even afford eggs to feed his children, and there are more proximate actors whom he blames for that: namely, the mullahs.”

2) There are no moderates in the Iranian Regime

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani is often portrayed as a moderate by Westerners, but what kind of moderate allows a violent crackdown on peaceful protesters or steals from the public purse to fund regional warfare and terrorism?

The protesters chanted “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My Life Only for Iran”, “Reformists, Hard-Liners, the Whole Game Is Over”, and “Let Syria Be, Do Something for Me” to show that there are no moderates in the Regime.

3) The Iranian Nuclear Deal has done nothing to help ordinary Iranians

In the lead up to the signing of the 2015 nuclear accord between Iran and six world powers, we were promised that this would rebuild the Iranian economy and benefit the Iranian people. It hasn’t.

When opponents of the deal raised concerns that giving money to the world’s leading state sponsor of terror would increase terrorism, they were brushed off.

The money gathered by Iran from that nuclear deal has funded the war in Syria, Hezbollah’s terrorism, and missiles launched at US allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, while Iranians live in poverty.

One thing is for certain, even if these protests have been quelled for the time being, the Iranian people will continue to fight until they get their freedom.

Source » ncr-iran

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