Intent on killing Jews, Iran’s claims of Western occupation of Middle Eastern countries is shrouded with clouds of hypocrisy. Years of funding proxies, architecting terror attacks, and building bases while citizens go without basics shows the regime’s true personality. The regime’s recent deification of Soleimani, known to be the main architect of their foreign actions, demonstrates their hollow appeasement of the populace. Iran claims it wants peace. Their actions indicate a desire to control the Middle East through occupation and manipulation.

Israel is scheduled to intensify its military strikes in Syria in 2022, mostly due to Iran’s placement of arms depots, proxy bases, and planned incursions into Israel. Israeli defense officials see the risk of potential retaliation from Iran as the US focuses its attention on China.

While Tehran and Jerusalem are facing each other on several fronts, the Syrian arena is likely the most explosive. The Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reports that Iran has about 20,000 loyal militias and numerous assets in Syria, despite their denials.
The Iranians are concentrating their activities on the outskirts of Damascus, continuing to build a collection of weapons depots and additional military bases. The Israeli army regularly targets the area and still has many targets on its list, showing the expanse of Iranian occupation.

Israel is engaged in covert campaigns against Hezbollah and other Iranian proxy forces near the Golan Heights. Moves designed to degrade and deter Iranian actions. Of note, many of these locations including areas near the Golan were scouted and selected by Soleimani scouted with Jihad Mughniyeh.

Syria is the easiest battlefield for Israeli and Iranian military planners. Iran prefers to use other lives expending their resources rather that face any direct exposure.

In light of Iran’s stated desire to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, the Israeli army continues to prepare for an attack on Tehran’s nuclear program. But the plan will take longer to develop an effective attack strategy. Should such a plan come to fruition, the ripple effects likely lead to direct and deadly confrontation. The Israeli military is preparing for war in Lebanon, but Israel and Hezbollah may prefer to avoid a major conflict now. Both sides prefer this method of attrition as opposed major military action. Both measure their actions and potential response scenarios.

However, Israel expects the Iranian axis to respond soon to the current Israeli attacks against occupying Iranian proxies and IRGC forces. The increased rhetoric coming out of Iran is like the local bully psyching himself up for a fight. Saber rattling and direct threats increased greatly in the past two weeks. Cyber attacks are on the rise. Iranian cyber actors act with increased boldness and recklessness.

The recent Israeli attacks on the strategic port of Latakia are pushing Tehran closer to the brink of revenge.

We should expect increasingly violent kinetic attacks coupled with more targeted cyber attacks on critical infrastruction in 2022.

Source » cybershafarat