Excerpt taken from Iranian IRGC sources:

Heavy fighting is taking place in the northwestern axis of Shabwa province between Ansarullah fighters and elements of the UAE-affiliated Al-Amalqa group. Shamisan, Al-Saleem, Al-Alam, Al-Suwaida, Al-Safraa, etc. “

The point to be made in this regard is that the Yemeni fighters are seeking to take over the Yemeni Marb in exactly the operation that has been going on for about two years, but they have not yet succeeded in doing so.

They have had success in advancing forward. They do not enter the city, and this is only due to the heavy air cover that the Saudi Air Force.

This is an important issue in the military debate, which shows how difficult it would be to work with an army equipped with a modern air force without proper air cover, and your ground forces would face a great challenge.

#Yemen/#KSA #Houthis (Ansar Allah) carried out an attack on #Saudi Forces in Jbal Al-Amr, E. #Jahfan, #Jizan.

Militants appear to be standard AKM/Type 56 variants, a noteable PKP “Pecheneg” GPMG and RPG-7 pattern Launcher with PG-7VM/RHEAT-7MA2 pattern rocket.

As a result an FN Minimi PARA LMG, a Saudi AK-103 rifle with a foregrip and a Bulgarian Arsenal AR-M14F (chambered in 7.62x39mm) rifle were seizef by Houthis along with mags, ammo and misc items.

Source » cybershafarat