Iran Regime Is Seeking Bloodshed and Destruction in Syria

Syrian revolutionary forces’ Press Secretary in Damascus ‘Yusuf Bustani’ says in his interview with Al-Arabiya TV that the Iranian regime is seeking bloodshed, destruction and forced displacement of people in Barda Gorge in Damascus suburb.

Yusuf Bustani:

People in towns and villages of Barda Gorge are subject to hysteric bombing and shelling with various weapons. Militias backed by Assad and the Iranian regime prevent injured people to leave the area. People have been targeted by Snipers in the past couple of days with some of them being killed and wounded.

What the Iranian regime and Assad backed groups offer is not a ceasefire, but a forced displacement of residents and occupation of these areas. Iranian regime seeks nothing but bloodshed, destruction, domination and forced evacuation of the residents of these areas. They intend to fully occupy this area. Currently, there’s a drinking water crisis in Damascus. The Russian side tries to save the ceasefire, since the Syrian fighters had said that if the military operation in Barda Gorge continues, or any change in its demography takes place, they would completely abolish the agreement and pull out of the peace talks.

We have asked the UN and Russians to intervene. The Russian delegation has twice attempted to enter Barda Gorge, so far without success. Iranian regime’s hirelings, Hezbollah militias and Assad’s Republican Guards have failed to move even one step forward. We are ready for a ceasefire and reconstruction of the water supply facilities but to surrender and going back to Assad is not what we fight for.

Source: / ncr – iran /

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