A man, detained during Iran’s nationwide protests in the western city of Kermanshah, was tortured to death, a Kurdish human rights group said Monday.

According to the report, the body of a man identified as Nader Rezaei Abtaf was delivered to his family on December 29, 2019.

Nader Rezaei was arrested by security agents in Jafar Abad district on November 16 during nationwide protests in Kermanshah that erupted after the regime tripled the price of gasoline.

After that, his family were not given any information about his whereabouts.

The report said that three sources close to Mr Rezaei’s family confirmed his arrest and subsequent death under torture.

The report fails to provide more details.

Before this, the tortured body of another man identified as Hashem Moradi who was also detained during nationwide November protests was found in a river near Safi Abad Village in the western city of Javanrud.

A source close to the man’s family said that Hashem Moradi was detained on November 17 while selling goods on the street.

The source said that another detainee in Javanrud had told the Moradi family that he was kept in Dizel Abad Prison in Kermanshah for around 10 days before being transferred to an unknown location.

Several accounts from prisons across the country have shed light on the brutal use of torture against detained protesters by the regime including the sexual abuse of minors.

Before this, the Intelligence Agency told the family to issue a statement saying that Hashem Moradi was mentally disabled and to ask the public about his whereabouts.

On Tuesday December 31, 2019 an unidentified person called the Moradi family and said that Hashem’s body was in a river near Safi Abad River and that the family could come and collect the body.

Sources said that body was found with shackled feet and evident signs of torture.

Heavy security measures were carried out during Hashem Moradi’s funeral in Ravansar, Kermanshah province. Security institutions threatened the family that if they were to talk about the case with anyone, they would be severely dealt with.

The Iranian regime brutally cracked down on nationwide protests that erupted on November 16 after the regime tripled the price of gasoline. At least 1,500 protesters were killed, around 4,000 were wounded and injured and 12,000 were detained.

Many of the detainees are under torture and several have died in prison.

The Iranian regime has still not announced the number of Iranian civilians killed during nationwide protests that erupted in mid-November after the regime tripled the price of gasoline.

Source » iran-hrm