Hundreds of Iranian protesters have burned British flags outside the UK embassy and chanted: “Death to England”.

Some in the crowds held placards reading “Down with England” outside the British embassy in Tehran on Sunday following the brief arrest of the UK’s ambassador to Iran.

British and Israeli flags were set alight by protesters as tensions continue to escalate following the US assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani earlier this month.

The British ambassador to Iran, Rob Macaire, was arrested after being caught up in a demonstration in Tehran’s Amir Kabir University.

Mr Macaire says he was attending a vigil for the 176 killed in a plane crash near Tehran last week.

Iran has admitted it shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet by mistake.

Iranian protesters called for the ambassador to be expelled and the embassy to be closed.

On Monday, Iran’s ambassador to the UK was summoned by the Foreign Office in response to the “unacceptable” arrest of the British ambassador in Tehran, Downing Street said.

The prime minister’s official spokesman said: “In relation to the arrest of the UK’s ambassador over the weekend, I would say this was an unacceptable breach of the Vienna Convention and it needs to be investigated.

“We are seeking full assurances from the Iranian Government that this will never happen again.

“The FCO has summoned the Iranian ambassador today to convey our strong objections.”

A separate set of Iranian demonstrators defied a heavy police presence to protest against their country’s days of denials that it shot down the Ukrainian plane.

Source » yahoonews