Video – U.S. nuclear submarine comes in close contact with Iranian anti-submarine chopper

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A U.S. nuclear submarine was spotted making close contact with an Iranian military chopper this week, in a new escalation in the Persian Gulf region.

In a video released by the Iranian media and shared on social media, the U.S. nuclear submarine can be seen making close contact with the Iranian anti-submarine helicopter, the SH-3D, in the Persian Gulf waters.

The video, which is shared below, was allegedly take on Thursday, January 14th, in the Persian Gulf; however, the U.S. and Iranian forces have yet to comment on this close approach.

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran have been at a year-long high, following reports that U.S. President Donald Trump was seeking advice on possibly striking the Islamic Republic’s assets in the Middle East.

In addition, the assassination of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on November 27th has furthered the turmoil between Iran and the United States, prompting both countries to showcase their military might in the Persian Gulf through a number of different moves.

Most recently, the Iranian Armed Forces launched their largest drone exercise near the Strait of Hormuz, as they displayed their ability to swam targets at a high speed in the Persian Gulf region.

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