The Iranian regime is known for many things, and hypocrisy is one of them. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo even described the clerical regime’s officials as “hypocritical holy men” last July. The special US envoy for Iran Brian Hook also said in December that the Trump administration is trying to combat Iranian hypocrisy. He said: “I can tell you that we are working on it, and while I can’t discuss individual cases or internal policy deliberations, you can be sure that we are pursuing all options to pressure the corrupt hypocrites in your government to change their behaviour.”

The people of Iran are suffering in extreme poverty, yet regime officials are living a life of luxury.

However, one of the most astounding acts of hypocrisy is the deep hatred that the regime expresses for America. “Death to America” is a slogan uttered by the regime on countless occasions and the depth of the animosity is anything but ambiguous.

The leader the Iranian revolution, former Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, made no secret of his disdain for the West. Ironically, his great-grandchildren spend a portion of their time in Canada.

In fact, many officials in the Iranian regime have children that reside in the West to study or to work. Many of the clerics reaffirm the slogan “Death to America” during Friday prayers on a weekly basis, while many of their relatives reside there.

The people of Iran are exasperated with the regime’s insincerity and they are calling on the United States to deport the relatives of officials that live there.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama, before signing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), or 2015 Iran nuclear deal as it is more commonly known, allowed 2,500 Iranians to gain American citizenship. Many of these were issued to family members of Iranian officials.

The Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif has a son – Mahdi – who lives in the United States. The foreign minister actually lived in New York himself for a period time during the 1979 revolution. His son and daughter were born in the United States.

Masoumeh Ebtekar, the current Vice President of Iran for Women and Family Affairs, spent six years in the United States as a child. Her son, Eissa Hashemi, is a doctoral student at the Los Angeles branch of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

The speaker of Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, has described the United States as a “threat to the entire world” yet he has allowed his daughter, Fatemeh Ardeshir Larijani, to pursue a career in Ohio where she is in her second year of residency in internal medicine.

The Iranian regime has been systematically calling for the destruction of America, yet officials are more than prepared to let their children and relatives study at some of the most prestigious universities, after which they will likely pursue successful careers.

Once again, the people of Iran have to suffer the consequences of such unjustness and inequality. The people of Iran want to hold the regime accountable for its corruption.

Source » ncr-iran