Houthi prisoner admits that Iran sponsored Hezbollah expert came to train fighters

The Yemeni National Army released a video on Thursday of a Houthi militia prisoner in the Al-Jawf region who confessed to receiving training along with dozens of others at the hands of Lebanese Hezbollah soldiers.
He confirmed on the tape distributed by Al-Hadath that he was given training by an artillery and rocket expert along with 39 Houthi soldiers. After this, the group were posted on the Al-Jawf, Sa’da and Hajjah fronts in areas that border Saudi Arabia.
He also revealed that theoretical training took place in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a whilst practical training took place in another area. He said that the expert, only known as “Sajid”, used to come to train them weekly and added that he was Lebanese and had fought in Iraq.
On January 8, the Houthi leader in charge of the Al-Hays and Al-Khokha fronts in Yemen surrendered himself to UAE forces. He also expressed his readiness to work with Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia.

Source » arabnews

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