Prisoner Executed Before Flawed Judicial Process Ends

A prisoner incarcerate in central prison of Karaj was executed on drug related charges in an incomplete trial and before the vague and flawed judicial process ends.

According to the prisoner’s wife, the amount of drug he was carrying was much less than what was recorded in the court’s secretariat. On the other hand, his case was still under investigation in the Supreme Court and the death sentence was neither confirmed nor communicated to the prisoner.

Hadi Moghaddam, 31, married and father of one child, has been in prison for 5 years before being executed on January 3rd 2017.

The prisoner’s wife in an interview with a Persian (Farsi) language news agency about the ambiguities in the case said: “In the case of my husband, the amount of discovered drugs was registered to be 416 grams. On the other hand, the death sentence was neither confirmed nor announced. The court has said that in no way a death sentence will be issued for (carrying) drugs under 0.5 kg. Now, I wonder how they could hang my husband for this amount of drugs. They must answer me why they executed him?”

She also explained about the institutions she approached to stop and cancel the execution and said: “I received a letter from Khamenei’s office and also from the head of the Judiciary, because I am a martyrs’ family member. I also received a letter form Martyrs foundation and put them on the case to reduce the sentence by one degree. Even prosecutor approved all the letters and the case to be returned for reconsideration. But before the case was returned, they gave my husband the confirmation order.”

It should be noted that last week the death sentence of a prisoner identified as Nosratollah Khazaei was carried out in Qazvin prison while his family said the case was still under investigation and review by the prosecution office and his death sentence was not finalized.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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