Director of the Institute for the Father of Iran’s Missile Industry:
– The United States has failed to intercept and counter Iran’s advanced missiles and has resorted to laser weapons to counter missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers.

The director of Shahid Tehrani Moghaddam Institute emphasizes the need to avenge the blood of the martyrs from the United States and the Zionist regime with the missiles of Shahid Tehrani Moghaddam

Hojjatoleslam Ghanbari Dinarvand said at the commemoration ceremony of 800 martyrs in Tehran Municipality and in honor of 100 martyr families: We have taken revenge on the blood of the martyrs one after another and we will take it; As we did not let the tears dry from the eyes of our mothers and sisters and Haj Qasem’s soldiers, we razed Ayn al-Assad to the ground with the missiles of Shahid Tehrani

“Our missiles are stationed in all Islamic countries of the world and are ready to fire and destroy the arrogant ones of the world,” he added.

Source » cybershafarat