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The Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran announced on Monday that it will work on preparing a draft resolution on the “defense and security treaty for the axis of resistance”, with the aim of collectively responding to any attack by NATO members and Israel.

The deputy in the Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly, Abu Fadl Abu Trabi, revealed the preparation of a draft resolution entitled “Defense and Security Treaty of the Axis of Resistance”.

Abu Trabi indicated, in a statement carried by Iran’s Fars News Agency, that work is underway with the aim of collecting the necessary signatures to put the draft resolution up for discussion and voting.

Abu Trabi noted that based on the text of the draft Defense Security Treaty for the Axis of Resistance, “when Israel attacks one of the Resistance Front countries or if Israel takes any action against this axis, the other member states of the group must exercise all its efforts from the military, economic and political aspects to completely ward off the danger.”

According to the agency, the draft resolution stipulates only one article, which is: “All countries are with the liberation movements that are members of this treaty. “.

In addition, the draft resolution contains two appendices only. The first appendix states that liberation movements in this treaty are called movements that enjoy the support of the Supreme Council for National Security of Iran.

As for the second appendix of the draft resolution, it stipulates that the constitution regarding the location of the secretariat, the expenditures, and the division of labor between the agencies shall be prepared and approved by the secretariat of the Supreme National Security Council in Iran.

Source » almasdarnews

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