Satellite imagery shows Iran digging to build new underground facilities near Natanz.

After several sabotages in Natanz and the destruction and explosion of a hall where the centrifuge warehouse was located, this time a new facility has been built near the old facility. But with the difference that this new facility is located under the mountain.

According to this image, the mountain near the Natanz facility is the site of the excavation to build the new facility. Or not.

ifmat - Iran continues to build their newest underground hidden

According to the available estimates, this facility is located at least about 90 meters below the mountain, which will bring much higher security compared to the previous location of the centrifuges, which was about 8 meters underground, and at this critical time that is between Negotiations are underway and Israel is threatening to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, which could be very fruitful.

This is another image of the entrances of this facility and its equipment and surrounding environment next to the mountain, which is apparently thought to have an reinforced concrete gate that can prevent airborne ammunition from entering the facility during air strikes.

ifmat - ifmat - Iran continues to build their newest underground hidden bunker2

Source » cybershafarat