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Ongoing Iranian aerial drone exercises are bringing to mind Iran’s responsible for attacks on Saudi oil facilities in September 2019.

Following the attacks, Tehran denied any responsibility for them.

However, drones similar to the ones that launched the attacks are used in the ongoing drills.

The Iranian official television broadcast footage of the drills, showing drones attacking targets in some bases.

The same drones are similar to the ones used in the attack on the Saudi oil facilities, raising suspicions about Iran’s involvement in these attacks, according to the Associated Press.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corpse conducted three drills in less than two weeks. The drill witnessed the launch of a new generation of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.

The Revolutionary Guard said the missiles contain separate warheads.

According to the Fares news agency, the drills were conducted in the Iranian central desert.

These drills come hard on the heels of other drills conducted by the Iranian navy in the Gulf of Oman. These naval drills come amid tensions with the United States and Arab countries.

New missiles were tested in the drills along with a large number of drones, according to the commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corpse who attended the training.

Saudi Arabia said the attacks on its oil facilities in September 2019 were backed by Iran.

It added that the attacks were not launched from Yemen, but from a site in the northern direction that is being investigated.

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