Iranian security forces attack striking workers

According to reports, on Tuesday January 16 the Iranian regime’s security forces and plainclothes agents attacked the striking workers in the 22nd and 24th phases of South Pars Oil and Gas field and subjected them to beating and mayhem.

These workers went on strike since January 6, 2017 to protest wage arrears and the failure to pay their salaries. The workers, while closing the doors of the company and seizing it, have announced that they will continue to strike and protest until their salaries are paid and that they will not open the doors of the phases.

In response to the workers’ legitimate demands, the company’s operator has announced plans to expel 400 workers, but workers have threatened to go on widespread strike.

In fear of workers’ protests, the company’s operator has announced that all workers will now be forced to leave for a week (one week mandatory lay-off), after which they will pay the workers’ salaries after they return.

Source » ncr-iran

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