Second Lashing Sentence Issued for Reporters in Iran

Following publication of the news regarding lashing of a reporter in Najaf Abad (Province of Isfahan, central Iran) and implementation of 40 lashes, another reporter in Shahroud (Province of Semnan, central Iran) received 40 lashes as well in less than a month.

According to the state-run Quds Online news agency on January 18, manager of the local site “Shahroud news” was sentenced to 40 lashes after trail in a branch of the criminal court in the city of Shahroud.

It should be noted that the reporter received a licence from the board of press supervision in the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Culture and this is while according to Article 34 of Press Law, press crimes are within the jurisdiction of the press court and the law clearly requires presence of jury in the trial.

In this regard, the reporter refrained from appeal to protest lack of jury and the issued verdict.

It should be reminded that not long ago, Hossein Movahedi, a media reporter in Najaf Abad, was arrested for publishing the wrong number of the confiscated motorcycles by the police and sentenced to 40 lashes.

The sentence was carried out last week while the media that published the news had even published the police response.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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