The United States has sanctioned three individuals and their company with links to Iran-backed Hezbollah for exploiting Lebanon’s economic resources for the benefit of the militant group.

The Treasury Department said in a statement on Tuesday that it has sanctioned Adel Diab, Ali Mohamad Daoun, and Jihad Salem Alame, as well as their Travel and Tourism company Dar Al Salam.

The Treasury added that all property owned by the three men and their business that is in the United States is blocked and that any transaction related to them is prohibited.

“Through businessmen like those designated today, Hezbollah gains access to material and financial support through the legitimate commercial sector to fund its acts of terrorism and attempts to destabilize Lebanon’s political institutions,” read the statement.

Earlier, the UAE asked the US to reclassify another Iran-backed group in the region as a terrorist group.

In a phone call with Secretary of State Tony Blinken, Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed requested that the Houthi movement – officially called Ansar Allah – be added to the list of terrorist organizations.

President Joe Biden reversed the Trump administration’s decision to designate Houthis as terrorists less than a month after taking office, saying it hampered humanitarian aid to the Yemenis.

The UAE also vowed punishment for the Houthi missile and drone strike on key targets in the country that killed three and injured several others.

Source » iranintl