Iranian Rear Admiral Habibola Sayari assured that the Islamic Republic is ready to cooperate in the sector with other surrounding nations.

Sayari said that the country of the Persians achieved self-reliance in the production of modern and state-of-the-art weapons and that it will not hide it from its friends.

Besides, everyone should understand the nature of Iran´s power, because regional stability and security come with mutal interactions, he added.

In the face of opressive American anti-Iranian measures, there are difficulties in keeping exchanges with neighbor countries, he explainned, although it is a challange that can be overcome with inter-regional conversations.

The high-ranking officer highlighted that the Islamic Republic always respected the principles of good neighborliness, never violated others´ rights and it recognized the independence and sovereignty of all countries.

He also recognized that Iran has no plans to attack or invade other nations and that together we will be able to guarantee security in the area and defend interests without the help and presence of extra-regional powers.

Source » plenglish