Three days after hiding the truth about the reason for the Ukrainian plane crash in Iran, finally under international pressure, the Iranian government was forced to speak about the real reason for the crash – that the plane was hit by two missiles.

All the elements of the regime of both factions are now trying to rid the regime of the responsibility, especially the Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei. However, on January 17, he used the word “plane” 40 minutes into his Friday prayer sermon. Khamenei praised the air defense forces who are responsible for downing the Ukrainian passenger airliner. He also described the plane crash “regrettable,” but immediately blamed protesters for raising their voices against the regime rather than calling for the prosecution of the perpetrators.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said something odd, that a few hours before the official announcement of the plane’s crash, he had not been notified.

And it is even more ridiculous to disembarrass Khamenei from the responsibility as commander-in-chief of the regime’s armed forces. The Fars News Agency claimed that Khamenei had been notified about this ‘catastrophic error’ after nine hours. (Fars 11 January)

The magnitude of the regime’s lies, and delusions is so much that it disrupted the regime and lead to infighting between the factions, in fear of any upcoming protests and uprisings.

The Jomhuri Eslami newspaper warned of the consequences: “Do not make events a tool for a political settlement.” (Jomhuri Eslami, 14 January)

Abbas Abdi from the so-called reformist faction, by making an irrational and irrelevant ”possible scenario”, tried to blame the US government for the accident: “One of them is Trump’s delicate and bizarre remark, that he even claimed that the Iranians had done it by a mistake, while also attributing acts not done by the Iranians to the Iranians, who could he see this a mistake? What does it mean? Pompeo’s position, which very quickly and decisively announced that crash was because of a missile, and both were among the first to make that claim. Failure to respond to Iran’s attack on US bases could also be a reflection of what is being said in the following. Especially that something like this happened in the invasion of Iraq by the US. Which one? That the United States has disrupted Iran’s civilian airline communications system through electronic warfare!” (Etemad newspaper, 14 January)

But the reality is more obvious than that such a ridiculous hypothesis could cover.

One of the regime’s elements in the Janahan-e Sanat newspaper quoted Ali Rabi’i, spokesman of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, who defended his administration from accusations that was lying and wrote: “We were accused of lying and secrecy while this was not real,’ the government spokesman told in a news conference to the reporters.”

“Not bad if he and other officials today ask themselves why public opinion accept their lies easier than their honesty. The answer must also be found in their performance in the recent story as well as their record. On other occasions, there have been great lies to the nation, for example, not forgetting that during the assassination of nuclear scientists, some were tried, and their forced confession was broadcasted on television.”

“A few years later, however, it became clear that the detainees were not involved in the assassinations and were merely just a fake scenario. Such an important subject was revealed, and it was clear that security and non-security officials or people of the state TV were lying to the public …” (Jahan Sanat, 14 January)

The Ebtekar newspaper also wrote about lies and secrecy: “For a few days the concealment of reality has been distrusting the society. The discontent that is now arisen is due to the expressions of officials who, before the release of the statement by the General Staff of the Armed Forces, all knew with confidence the possibility of a missile attack to be zero. But now all have regretted and complained that they were not fully informed about the incident …” (Ebtekar, 14 January)

Deceitful lies and secrecy in the words of Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the regime’s commander of Aerospace Force of the IRGC, can also be seen clearly when he said: “When I was informed on Wednesday morning, I immediately informed the authorities about this. I was told we hit a target, but the symmetry of this doubted me a little. I was in the west of the country, immediately headed to Tehran but in the middle of my way, I called the officials and told them that it had happened and I give it a high chance that we had hit our own planes. Well, to get to Tehran, I saw the General Staff of the Armed Forces had collected an investigation team for the accident, which is normal, and these people quarantined this team and those involved. That is, we were not allowed to say anything to anyone. We were on alert, but this review needed to be done. (State-TV news network, 11 January)

Without a doubt, one of the institutions that this official had informed was the regime’s National Security Council and of course Khamenei’s office as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. So, the claim of the Fars News Agency that Khamenei and Rouhani were informed about the cause 48 hours after the incident is the most ludicrous lie in this regard.

The consequences of so many lies were for the Iranian regime three days of student protests and a global condemnation and demand to saying the truth as such as possible.

So, the full responsibility for this crime and killing 176 innocent people lies with the regime and it must be held accountable.

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