Fourteen people arrested for protesting the January 8 downing of a passenger plane by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, are detained at an unknown location and there is no news about their well-being. Five of the detainees are women.

The arrests took place in Amol, northern Iran on January 11, when protests started in several cities.

Iranian website Zaytoon reports that after four days families have no information about their whereabouts and the Revolutionary Guard refuse to provide information.

Iranian air defenses shot down a Ukrainian plane as it took off on a scheduled flight from Tehran’s international airport, at a time when there was a danger of U.S. retaliation against an Iranian missile attack on bases in Iraq housing American troops. It is not clear why civilian flights were not suspended during a tense military situation. All a76 people onboard died.

Following the disaster, and after the authorities concealed the real reason for the airliner crash for three days, thousands of Iranians poured into the streets to protest and demand accountability. Although there is no accurate count, it is believed dozens were arrested January 11 and 12.

Zaytoon reports that the local judicial investigator, Rahim Rostami had insulted the families of the fourteen detainees and has refused to provide any information.

The arrests took place when citizens gathered outside the local headquarters of the Revolutionary Guard to protest the plane incident and dozens were arrested. Some of the detainees were assaulted by the Guards and three people were taken to hospital.

Source » radiofarda