A boxing champion has been sentenced to death for “protesting” as part of Iran’s chilling execution spree.

Mohammad Javad, 26, could be killed over his protests in November 2019 against his country’s economic corruption.

His sentence, reported by the Jerusalem Post, follows the execution of champion wrestler Navid Afkari, 27, who was hanged in Shiraz in September 2020.

Afkari was accused of killing a state security guard during the anti-government protests in the summer of 2018.

According to the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Navid and his brother Vahid Afkari were severely tortured to give confessions.

Journalist and activist Masih Alinejad who launched the #United4Navid movementabout:blank

She tweeted on Saturday: “Death sentence for another athlete in Iran for the crime of protesting in Nov 2019.

“Mohammad Javad, 26, is a boxing champion. They sentenced him to death for ‘spreading corruption on Earth’.

“We couldn’t save Navid Afkari Iranian wrestler. Global athletes may help us this time.”

She added: “Before being executed Navid Afkari said: ‘Islamic Republic is looking for a neck to tie a noose around.’

“This time Mohammad Javad Vafaei is facing execution for the crime of joining Iran nationwide protests.

“We Iranians call on global athletes to be his voice.#UnitedforNavid.”

Experts have noted the charge of “spreading corruption of Earth” is frequently used against protestors in order to remove any opposition to the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

After Afkari’s death, two more athletes have been executed.

Boxer Ali Mutairi, 30, was reportedly severely tortured in Sheiban Prison which led to his false confession that he had killed two Basij militia members in 2018.

Champion wrestler Mehdi Ali Hosseini was also executed last year.

Figures show Iran carries out around 250 executions a year, in addition to a 100 executions of children each year.

The country’s barbaric system of punishments includes hanging from cranes in public, use of horrific electric shocks and flogging.

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