At least 72 people have been detained at a mixed-gender party where alcohol was being served, in Sari, the capital city of Mazandaran province, the local Prosecutor General has disclosed.

The state-run ILNA news agency quoting Younes Hosseini reported Tuesday that the young partygoers were arrested while drinking alcoholic drinks and dancing in a mixed party.

“Holding of a mixed party, non-observance of religious standards, consuming alcoholic beverages, etc. are criminalized, and such cases would be quickly dealt with.” Hosseini said.

Drinking alcohol and attending parties of unrelated men and women is illegal in Iran.

Attacking and breaking up parties were quite rife after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
In past three years, after the regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei’s warning against “social harms,” even family parties, including wedding and birthday parties have not been immune from police and security forces intrusions.

Source » iran-hrm