Officials threaten to prosecute those who said prisoners were force fed pills

After news was published about prisoners being force fed pills, the Public Relations Office of the organisation in charge of Iranian prisons announced they would soon prosecute in the Tehran Public and Revolutionary Court, those who brought up this “lie and great slander”. “We stress once again that the material published in this regard is false and the publishers will be prosecuted”, they announced in their statement.
Commenting on the suspicious death of recently detained protesters, Tehran Majlis deputy Mahmoud Sadeghi had revealed that Iran is giving detained protesters deadly pills that make them sick then cause their death. He tweeted: “One of the inmates who recently died in prison had told his family that prisoners were being forced to take pills that made them very sick.”
More details keep coming out about brutality in prisons which has led to the deaths of detained protesters. A good number of protesters are missing.

Source » iran-hrm

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